Why am I running?

I'm running because the status quo is not working.

Resourcefulness and experience are the solutions to our problems of rising costs of living and the many challenges of raising a family.

Here are some of the policies and priorities that I think we need to move Canada forward:


The federal government should prioritize the procurement of all medical supplies to assist provincial governments with their inventory replenishment.

The entire Canadian Healthcare system will need time to recover and we must assist all frontline healthcare workers , EMS, Police, Fire and other adjuvant workers with support and added recovery time post COVID-19. I recommend every worker who stepped up and met their professional obligations at off and onsite facilities receive additional paid recovery time at home along with psychological support services.



We must focus on getting back to our economic fundamentals. Small businesses, including all enterprises such as doctors and medical clinics with total gross income of less than $2.5 million annually should forego any corporate tax for 2020/21.



Veterans Homelessness and Transition post service should be a priority for the Ministry of Veterans Affairs. Incentivize industry to hire vets, create a buddy system, and do not release service men and women from healthcare rehabilitation services and treatment until they are fully recovered.

Stop using our servicemen and women to test mefloquine as an alternative anti-malarial drug. The side effects are harming our men and women. Respect our vets because when we needed them, they delivered.



Canada needs to call out nations to formalize immediate free trade agreements.

Canada not only has a trade deficit, but also pays millions of dollars as dues to be a member of the Commonwealth. Yet we do not have a trade agreement with the UK?

The single greatest economic recovery move we can make is to address our trade relations with China and Mexico.



Caring for our people, our lands, our wildlife, and our natural resources is of paramount importance.

Our homes and corporate structures need to be greener, our emissions need to be reduced. Canada should lead the world with technology to reduce our imprint. We must incentivize through our public, private and educational sectors.



The Indigenous Services budget is designated for economic development but needs to be more comprehensive and needs to effectively impact change. Welfare does not address pride, self-worth, and self determination. Long term self sufficiency, which comes with meaningful employment, is the precursor to a healthy nation. The 2020 Blockades are a serious red flag which we must heed. Many First Nations reserves have 50% unemployment or higher. Our Indigenous people need proper care and prioritization through technology, healthcare services, skills training and Economic Development.

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