Yvonne’s priorities lie with the concerns of her constituents, and in Don Valley West it is vital that the community feels heard and represented. This is why Yvonne’s goals are simple: improve public safety by supporting the Toronto Police Service and giving them the resources they need to protect the community, empowering the community through sustainable economic growth, encouraging small business owners to follow their dreams, and facilitate beneficial trade with foreign markets that will put Ontario, and Toronto, in an enviable position for the future.

Yvonne’s recent thought leadership and media commentary can be found here:

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Trudeau Buying Votes with Unequally Applied Carbon Tax on Canadians

Recently Justin Trudeau clued in that he’s dropping in the polls, particularly in Eastern Canada. So his strategy is to cut their carbon tax on home heating for 3 years, just for future votes here in Canada. Trudeau and his members of parliament feel confident that they have your vote secured…

ROBERTSON: Poilievre’s victory watershed moment for Conservatives

This moment feels like a turning point for the Conservative Party of Canada, a true instance of hope and opportunity and the chance to break through in many places across the country where people regretfully vote Liberal.

ROBERTSON: CPC made the right choice, not the easy one, in disqualifying Patrick Brown

In the Toronto Sun, Yvonne shares her thoughts on why the Conservative Party acted with integrity and strength by disqualifying Patrick Brown from its leadership race.

It was my pleasure to join the Sunday Morning Panel on CFRA to discuss the government's handling of scandals at Hockey Canada and Gymnastics Canada.

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You may also listen on CFRA Live HERE

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Small Business Retaurant Owner

Small businesses need a growth agenda from the government more than they ever needed subsidiesThought Leadership & Advocacy

At a time of prolonged and worsening economic uncertainty, small and medium businesses in Canada again find themselves in the eye of the storm. As the owner of a small business, it’s not only the palpable labour shortage, rising inflation or stock market declines making me uneasy; our federal government’s overt lack of focus on economic growth has put businesses in a place of peril.

Yvonne Robertson: Let this platinum jubilee year be the last without a Canada-U.K. free trade agreement

Next month I am honoured to be representing Canada, as the owner of a small business, at the platinum jubilee celebrations of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Canada’s participation in this event showcases the unique relationship we have with our British cousins.

Yet despite my excitement and gratitude for being invited to help celebrate such a significant historical moment I cannot help but be reminded of a long-standing disappointment: the failure of our two countries to translate our relationship into a mutually beneficial free trade agreement….

Support Yvonne and get Canada back to its fundamentals.

Yvonne recently did an interview on The Arlene Bynon Show, where they discussed her article in the Financial Post about promoting trade with the UK in the wake of the war in Ukraine. Notably:

  • Strengthening the Canadian economy by strengthening our relationships with our allies
  • Focusing on trade with the UK to protect Canadian interests and support small businesses

Now, more than ever, we need ethical representation. Don Valley West needs a voice which is genuine and cares for our community members. We need to elevate the discussion and elevate our expectations of leadership.


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