Our new reality is riddled with debt and deferred payments. Planning for the future and providing opportunities for our next generation seems to be a fading quest. As a small business owner for over 25 years, Yvonne has seen challenges and believes we must reinforce our fundamental principles for economic resilience.

We need to navigate our new reality: plunging consumer spending, rising unemployment and massive debt. Yvonne has degrees in Political Science and Economics from Bishop’s University and a law degree from the University of London. Her training has proved that adhering to fundamental principles will help us recover and rebuild our economy.

Having travelled extensively abroad, she has seen the demand for Canadian products and believes that we need to prioritize trade and international relationships. At our local level, effort must be made to bring jobs closer to home. Vacant commercial leaseholds are at an all time high, failing small businesses, lack of commercial lending, spiked unemployment  is indicative that our status quo is not working. Yvonne will make this a priority as your Member of Parliament.

An effective representative in Ottawa to champion local concerns has been lacking in our current federal government. Retirement savings are shrinking, the costs of living are rising, and our adult children struggle to afford to live in the neighbourhoods in which they were raised. Small Business is the backbone of our private sector economy and should be our fiscal focus. Our monetary strategy should be on our export bandwidth.

We need to raise the expectation of our leaders, rebuild our equitable assets, become more self reliant as a nation. Yvonne is ready to represent our interests.  She is raising her family, running her business and giving back to her midtown Toronto community of Don Valley West.


Bring insight and knowledge from decades of owning a small business, raising 3 kids and actively participating in the community to your event. Yvonne seeks to promote progressive Conservative ideas by connecting with attendees.