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the status quo is not working

The status quo is not working. Resourcefulness and experience are the solutions to our problems of rising costs of living and the many challenges of raising a family.

Canada’s international obligations can be addressed with innovative solutions. Protecting our vast environmental ecosystem, repairing our reputation with trading partners and rebuilding our exports is a large task which must be prioritized.

640 am Radio Kelly Cutrara

The Kelly Cutrara Show

Yvonne recently appeared on The Kelly Cutrara Show, where she discussed winning Women Exporter of the Year Award from the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT).

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Small Business Retaurant Owner

Small businesses need a growth agenda from the government more than they ever needed subsidies

At a time of prolonged and worsening economic uncertainty, small and medium businesses in Canada again find themselves in the eye of the storm. As the owner of a small business, it’s not only the palpable labour shortage, rising inflation or stock market declines making me uneasy; our federal government’s overt lack of focus on economic growth has put businesses in a place of peril.

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Healthcare Recovery for Frontline Workers

The federal government should prioritize the procurement of all medical supplies to assist provincial governments with their inventory replenishment. The entire Canadian Healthcare system will need time to recover and we must assist all frontline healthcare workers , EMS, Police, Fire and other adjuvant workers with support and added recovery time post Covid-19. I recommend every worker who stepped up and met their professional obligations at off and onsite facilities receive additional paid recovery time at home along with psychological support services.

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International Trade

Simply, Canada needs to call out nations to formalize immediate free trade agreements. Canada not only has a trade deficit but also pays millions of dollars as dues to be a member of the Commonwealth yet we do not have a trade agreement with the UK? The single greatest economic recovery move we can make is to address our trade relations with China and Mexico.

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