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The Hon. Michelle Rempel

Conservative MP for Calgary Nose Hill

Ahead of the last election, I spent time in Yvonne’s community with her and have worked with her on a number of issues that affected the residents of Don Valley West. She is a very hard-worker and a strong advocate for her community. Yvonne is always pushing for the needs of people in her area, and has the experience to get things done. I know that she will fight hard for her community and her voice is needed in Parliament.

The Hon. Lisa Raitt

Former Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Conservative MP for Milton

In a very short period of time, Yvonne has demonstrated her ability to communicate and mobilize. She identifies issues needed to be addressed and commits to making changes. Championing specific interest groups such as women, LGBTQ, Youth to the forefront with courage and compassion.

James Bezan

Conservative MP for Selkirk-Interlake

Canada’s Parliament needs more MPs like Yvonne Robertson. Canadians deserve to be represented by people like Yvonne who know what it’s like to run a successful business, what it takes to create jobs and invest back in our communities. I know Yvonne will be a strong voice in Parliament fighting for the good people of Don Valley West.

The Hon. Salma Ataullahjan

Conservative Senator for Ontario

Having spent time with Yvonne during and since the last election, I know her to be hard working and committed to effecting meaningful change in Ottawa. As a highly accomplished professional, Yvonne has what it takes to be a strong progressive leader in Parliament for all Canadians. As a resident of Don Valley West, Yvonne is deeply connected to her community and I have no doubt that she will serve and advocate for her constituents with vigor and great competence.

Marilyn Gladu

 Conservative MP for Sarnia—Lambton

I heartily endorse Yvonne as the candidate for Don Valley West. Her business experience and her great interpersonal skills have impressed me since we met while hosting a symposium for Healthcare workers.

Simon Chapelle

CPC National Councillor, National Policy Committee – Vice Chair, Ontario Region Vice President

Having seen Yvonne Robertson in action, I am confident Don Valley West is in good hands as we prepare for the next election. As a dedicated and principled Conservative, she has stepped up to help other ridings across the GTA with their organizational needs. I encourage all members to rally behind Yvonne and support her candidacy to become an outstanding MP.

Ryan Lester

Candidate of Record for Toronto Center

Yvonne and I proudly marched together in Toronto’s Pride Parade last year, one of Canada’s largest celebrations of LGBTQ2 heritage and culture. She is an ally and champion for the equality of all Canadians, and is genuinely committed to building more inclusive communities for everyone.

Randy Paisley Cover

Randy Paisley

CEO, Paisley Products of Canada Incorporated

Government needs people with practical business experience, family values, a code of honour, integrity and passion who are highly educated and have a burning desire to serve Canada.

I can personally vouch for Yvonne Robertson as I have had the pleasure of doing substantial business with her electrical insulation supply firm Matrix Power Services Ltd. for well over twenty years and have gotten to know her and her accomplished family very well..

She runs an excellent business, is quick to grasp concepts and can implement them fearlessly and efficiently with élan.

Yvonne Robertson is the woman for our government for our times.

Educated, smart capable.

She has my vote.

David Jacobs

MD, FRCPC, Vice President, Ontario Association of Radiologists

Canadian politics is suffering from a glut of candidates who want to lead the people instead of serve them. Yvonne is whip smart, kind, energetic, and in politics for you, not for herself. Yvonne’s attitude is the cure for what ails our political landscape.

Sharon Baghai

Director, Operations, Shane Baghai Group of Companies

We need strong, successful, educated women to seek office. With Yvonne we will have a champion for Toronto and an excellent role model for our daughters and sons. I support Yvonne Robertson as our Conservative candidate.

Taylor Moore

CEO, Sherwood Customs Homes Inc.

Canada’s weakened economy must be rebuilt, by those who have the wherewithal and proven track record to dig in and grow our markets. Yvonne has the skills and heart to deliver and we need her in Ottawa.

Ashok Kapoor

Volunteer & Community Member

I was a member of Yvonne Robertson’s campaign team in last year’s federal election. I was inspired by Yvonne’s vision for her riding and for Canada. Her passion to improve the lives of Canadians and put Canada ahead made me proud to be associated with her. I am looking forward to working with Yvonne in the near future.

Lesley Alboini

 Volunteer & Community Member

Yvonne Robertson is a successful business woman and entrepreneur who is energetic, knowledgeable, passionate, bilingual and a forward thinker. Yvonne Robertson has the proven credentials to be an excellent Conservative MP serving her Don Valley West riding and all Canadians.

Lori Elder

Equality Collective Member, Plan International Canada

Yvonne is the epitome of integrity and social conscience. With fiscal intelligence she stands up for the hard topics like Security, Environmental Change and the progress of all Canadians. She possesses powerful and intelligent leadership while looking out for the future of Canadians and our financial welfare to ensure our health, education , environmental and social programs will prevail for our children and grandchildren.

Alan Deans

Volunteer & Community Member

I joined the Yvonne Robertson team early in the 2019 election campaign. She is amazing: well qualified, organized, hard working, eager to engage with constituents and totally committed to represent the interests of all residents in the Don

G E Tim Wood

Volunteer & Community Member

I would like to offer a testimonial on behalf of Yvonne Robertson. I worked for Yvonne’s federal election campaign in 2019, when she ran as the Conservative candidate for Don Valley West in the City of Toronto. She has excellent credentials, works tremendously hard, is presentable and has built substantial name recognition in our riding. She is a successful business owner, and I believe that she is Cabinet material. I recommend her as candidate for Conservative Party of Canada in the Don ValleyWest Riding in the next Federal Election.

Tania Martin

Communications Consultant

A proven and inclusive community leader with the ability to put our fiscal house in order so our kids will inherit a bright Canadian future.

Dan Jerred

Past President, Don Valley West Conservative Association

Yvonne Robertson has my full support to represent Don Valley West on behalf of Conservative Party of Canada in the next federal election. As a fluently bilingual entrepreneur with legal training, Yvonne proved herself to be an incredibly hard worker in last year’s election. She would serve us well in Ottawa.

Adam Rose

President, Laurier Capital Funding Inc.

Over the last couple of years I’ve gotten to know Yvonne very well. I’ve gotten to know her as a business woman, as a wife and mother, as an intelligent thoughtful person, and as a dear friend. Yvonne has a very deep and very real loyalty and commitment to our riding. I can think of no other person whom I’d like to see in Parliament representing Don Valley West.

Future Chen

Don Valley West Community Member

I would like to say few words about Yvonne from my perspective of an ordinary resident. She is helpful, kind and true, which is my impression of her as a mother of three lovely children. Her persistence and hard work was fully demonstrated in her previous campaign and demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit. I believe she will represent our community very well.

Dr. Pamela Zakarow

Don Valley West Community member

As we are confronted with great challenges in these recent times, it makes one realize that the people we elect to guide us must be extraordinary individuals more than capable of making decisions which will shape our society. It takes a special community oriented person to do this. A person with values. A person with focus. A person who will fight the fight and get things right! That person, in my opinion, is Yvonne Robertson: business person, mother, community leader: a person who understands the challenges placed on our community and a person who is dedicated to meet the needs of her community. We need new leadership for changing time, we need Yvonne Robertson!

Cheryl Bannier

Former National Councillor, Volunteer & Community Member

I worked closely with Yvonne on the 2019 campaign. She is an energetic and kind mother of three. She and her husband were always very supportive of the volunteers. I look forward to campaigning with her again.

Janet Qi

President of AsianTree Management

It was such a pleasure working with Yvonne in the last campaign. She is a very hard-working and trust-worthy person, always pushing for her limits and yet very reasonable. As an experienced entrepreneur, a good mother and wife, she genuinely cares about the people around her. She cares about the community, small business owners, youth and everyone else. She is the kind of person you can count on who will fight for us, for everyone in DVW, and fight for Canada.