Community Work

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Work with Cops and Kids & Police organizations

Yvonne works closely with ProAction Cops & Kids, an independent charity that helps at-risk youth get out of challenging situations and find new opportunities to achieve success. She has been an active and long-time supporter of the organization, advancing opportunities that grant all kids equal opportunities for growth and the right to feel safe in their community.

The organization has helped over 400,000 kids get out of dangerous or risk-prone situations, and engage meaningfully with sports, activities, and learning opportunities to expand their horizons and let them enjoy the fun that every kid should be able to.

Ensuring future generations have as many opportunities for success as possible, is at the forefront of everything Yvonne does and believes in. It is because of this that she is proud to stand by the fantastic work done by the Toronto Police officers in the program and in her local 53 division, who sacrifice countless hours of their time to ensure that these kids are well-prepared for life and have skills that will set them up for success.

Supporting local businesses

Yvonne as the owner of two businesses, is a prominent advocate for Canadian local, small, and family-owned businesses. Fighting against temporary solutions for long-term problems, Yvonne strives to bring sustainable economic growth back to the community. Yvonne will advocate for local business and support them just as they have supported her.

There are over a million small to medium size businesses in Canada and its critical Canadian government and society works to support them, not through kickbacks and loans, but through empowerment and encouragement.

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We live in a beautiful community, come out and meet new friends, engage in current events and connect with neighbours.  We have social activities like bbqs and ballgames for everyone to enjoy.