About Yvonne

Conservative nomination candidate, don valley west

Meet Yvonne

Yvonne Robertson has been a dedicated resident of Don Valley West for over 20 years. As a proud Torontonian and community advocate, she brings a wealth of experience and commitment to her role as a Conservative nomination candidate. With a solid foundation in Political Science and Economics from Bishop’s University and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of London, Yvonne has a deep understanding of the legal and economic challenges facing Canadians today. Aspiring to public office, Yvonne aims to enact positive change, empower her community, and contribute to a better future for Canada.

Married to Jason Robertson since 2000, Yvonne is a devoted mother of three. Balancing family life with her business and volunteer work, Yvonne exemplifies the dedication and privilege she believes should be accessible to every Canadian family, striving for a community where every family can thrive.

Local Business

Yvonne is an established businesswoman and entrepreneur in Don Valley West. In 1997, Yvonne began her professional career leading her own company, Matrix Power Services Ltd, distributing specialized electrical products throughout North America. She later expanded her portfolio to include Sahara & Co, a local wellness company now serving customers worldwide, and Robyn’s Cookies—one of Toronto’s iconic cookie companies. Yvonne’s extensive experience in small business development and international trade has positioned her as a key advocate for Canadian businesses, advocating for policies that support economic growth and entrepreneurship.

Women Exporter of the Year

In 2022, Yvonne was the recipient of the Organizations of Women in International Trade (OWIT) Women Exporter of the Year Award for her outstanding work advancing the priorities of Canadian businesswomen and small businesses in the international community. The award recognizes Yvonne’s work as a successful female CEO leading two exporting businesses: Matrix Power Services Ltd and Sahara & Co Ltd, as well as her continued advocacy for policies that empower female voices within the private sector.

Community Work

Yvonne’s commitment to her community in Don Valley West extends beyond business and politics. Her involvement in local projects and events, from school sports games to neighborhood watch meetings, highlights her dedication to community engagement and safety. Yvonne, alongside her family, actively supports local charities and has been particularly involved with the 53 Division through the Cops and Kids Programme, showcasing her passion for community safety and the wellbeing of her fellow residents.

Yvonne in a light blue blazer, leaning over a chair